Cisco offers a range of services to help develop effective prototypes and scale up to production parts. Our customers are innovators. We help them take their ideas to market. Their products, manufactured on-demand through our domestic and global partnerships, has changed people’s lives.


Cisco is your go to team in the USA. You’ll have a hard time finding another company with the relationships, resources, and knowledge that we are fortunate enough to have acquired. Cisco aims to expedite your project from conception to delivery. We provide a standard NDA (Non -Disclosure Agreement) to protect your intellectual property before quoting your needs. Before disclosing any information to our factories, we require them to sign a support NDA enforceable in the United States, and or the Country of goods produced. Cisco can quote different options with FOB Country of origin or delivered to door blindly.


Our manufacturing capabilities cover many product categories. We specialize in creating and designing new products for our clients and their customer base. We work with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and inventors. Based on the project’s stage, Cisco will work with our clients during the research and development phases and can create working prototypes. Providing our team with engineering drawings or a handmade sample will speed up the quoting process. If you do not have these, no worries, we can quote to provide prototyping. Our engineers can produce 3D models (computer aided design) prototypes and assist with establishing a manufacturing protocol. We can provide different cost options based upon clients’ input. We also can lend assistance in bringing your product to market. Cisco can structure a cost-effective proposal to address your needs. Initial 15 minutes Consultation Call is complimentary.


Most products developed by Cisco Design & Engineering Team cost between $2,000 and $20,000 to design and prototype. Complex items, especially those with custom designed electronics, are more labor intensive and expensive to develop. Important factors that determine the cost are: mechanical complexity, electronics requirements, the need for customized parts, and molding requirements.


We collectively brainstorm with our clients, which allows us to formulate with their ideas, themes, proposals, budget, and establish a specified quote with or without delivery included. We are members of the Fair Labor Association and take great pride in assuring our factories pay their employees fair wages, work in a safe social compliant environment, and are treated humanely. We are prop 68 compliant and have social compliance within our factories. Be it strict adherence to a Quality Control check list, or bringing a critical eye to manufacturing issues which arise during the process, Cisco works to ensure that the subtleties of the product concept and design are maintained, and often improved upon, when having vetted factories ready to manufacturer new products with production oversight.
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Cisco offers services such as engineering, blueprints, 3D renderings, rapid prototyping and pre-production samples prior to gearing up for mass production. We can help develop cost-effective prototypes and mock-ups of your product for marketing and development purposes. We’ll guide you through the stages of the development, approval, and production process. From reverse engineering, to proof of concept, we have decades of product engineering expertise to design your product and specifications accordingly. We offer services for OEM (original equipment manufacturing), tooling, fabrication, and quality mold making.


We’ve developed long term relationships with our factories from our extensive experience and exceptional customer service. Cisco works as your company’s Import Division to create, obtain and deliver the products you want, while insuring on time delivery with full customs clearance. Cisco provides product liability insurance that indemnifies our client’s from product liability claims on the products we fulfill and supply on behalf of them.


We have our own logistics department who contracts with worldwide freight forwarders. Our team prepares documentation, contracts, shipping insurance, routes, cargo with customs clearance to insure delivery. Cisco arranges shipment from factory to final destination. Our freight forwarding services are included in the cost of your order.

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