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For over 45 years, Cisco Sales Corp. has been bringing solutions to those who need a reliable manufacturer. With our engineering knowledge and decades of experience in developing various arrays of products, we continue to provide our value in establishing new supply chains in an ever-changing world of international trade.

Some of Our Clients
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What We Do

Industry Experience

We specialize in product development, branded items, and fulfilling our clients’ project specifications. We provide solutions and deliverables to those who have a clear objective. We strive to help our clients establish more cost-effective manufacturers at a reasonable price without the sacrifice of quality. With years of experience in developing many types of products and manufacturing methods, we continue to provide a leading hand in expertise with delivering the requirements of our clients.

What Our Clients Say

Mike Doan
CEO - Wizard Sports Equipment, Inc. wizardsports.com
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“We have been working with Cisco for a good 25 plus years on a number of Sports related products. They have been nothing but awesome in the way they go about making sure your product is consistently manufactured the way you want. The complete staff is great and the communication through production and delivery is spot on.”
Dr. Adarsh Vijay Mudgil
Owner - Mudgil Dermatology mudgildermatology.com
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“This device is a true innovation. It's brilliant, yet simple design allows for a multitude of muscle taxing movements, all in an easily portable contraption. From your pecs to your abs, the Beckford Bar has you covered!.”
Tetsuya Kaneko
Owner- GentlemanFitnessClub gentlemanfitnessclub.com
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“I thank Cisco very much for the excellent service they have provided. I really appreciate their understanding of my business situation and the arrangements made. The product itself, Beckford Bar, is also great, very high quality. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”
Daniel Beckman
Purchasing Manager
Cool Things LLC. Mexico
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“It’s always a pleasure to work with Cisco, they make things easy for us. Shipments are always on time and their team on ground makes sure we receive the quality we order.”
John Esquivel
Inventor, Shellminator, LLC.
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“Cisco is very reputable and has exceeded my expectations on making and manufacturing my product. We have been blessed to have them on The Shellminator's side during our taco business venture. Thanks for your superior services.”
Ryan Kaback
Buying Manager & Partner, Custom Logos
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“I have been working with Neil and Cisco for over 10 years and they have proven to be an extremely valuable resource to us. Their prices are competitive and their service is unparalleled. If there is ever any issues, they are dealt with fairly and quickly. They understand what it means to be a partner and that is why they are my first choice for overseas, every time.”
Paul Joseph
Director of Promotional Products, The Sourcing Group
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“I have been working with Cisco for over 25 years. They have manufactured millions of dollars in products for me from their overseas manufacturers. They have always delivered a quality product on time. I am very happy and confident with their work.”
Debbie Wexelman
Director of Purchasing, Stokes, Inc.
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“The Cisco team is professional, attentive, supportive, excellent with following up, dedicated, easy to work with, and honors shipping schedules and deadlines. I'm content with their performance.”
Marietta Reuter
President, Tools of Marketing, Inc.
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“We really appreciate Cisco’s expertise and good pricing when we order our promotional balls! They have become a great partner and someone we can count on!”

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