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We operate with integrity. Our credibility and reputation is our most valuable asset. Service to our customers is foremost. We aim to provide the value and results you are looking for to obtain your business and set you up for success. At Cisco, we fulfill our obligations and deliver.We create solutions and plan ahead. We offer straight forward, expert counsel and service that you can depend on.

Cisco USA specializes in bringing our clients concepts to reality. For over 45 years, Cisco Sales Corp. has been bringing engineering and creative solutions to those who need a reliable manufacturing source. With our decades of manufacturing knowledge and years of experience in developing various products in a wide range of industries, we continue to provide our value. We continue to establish new supply chains to support the demands of the ever-changing world market.

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Neil Kay founded Cisco Sales Corporation in 1977. As a student overseas, he worked as an intern in Taiwan for Hiraoka & Co; a Japanese trading company. Soon after then worked for a USA directed Taiwan exporter Bushnell Enterprises from 1973-1974 ½ . During this time the US was mostly manufacturing domestically, sourcing to Japan, and had just started to do develop industry with Taiwan. Neil was 19 at the time; he was supposed to stay for only a month, but ended up staying for 1 ½ years. He learned many manufacturing processes and the trading business, as well as the Chinese culture. Neil returned back to the US to finish up college where he attended USC and graduated from Cal State University Northridge.

Neil J. Kay has the proud distinction of being one of the 1st importers granted access into mainland China (with a special diplomatic trade visa) on a unique trade mission through Hong Kong. Neil was in mainland China in 1979 through sponsorship of Guangdong Trade representative. This was prior to the globalization boom. At this time China’s government was contracting with established Hong Kong factories and trading companies to help train their workforce to prepare them for opening their doors to the global market. When Neil returned back to the USA, he started his own business (Cisco Sales Corporation) which is still growing today. Cisco has part ownership and investments in various factories. Cisco has strong relationships and established partnerships to support our services to our clients.
Cisco will help minimize the liability and risk associated with importing/exporting by:

Identifying reliable suppliers and analyzing factories capabilities

3rd party testing and inspections protocol

Insuring payment and managing quality control

Streamlining transportation and logistics

Benefits of On-Demand Manufacturing:

Meet Our Team

Neil Kay


A creative designer and inventor, Neil holds numerous patents and trademarks. He has overseen the coming to life of hundreds of innovative ideas, products, and patents. With his pioneering experiences in international procurement, Neil understood the difficulties foreigners have in conducting business in Asia. With a full understanding of product engineering, Neil has created a dynamic, reliable, and economical procurement company for the worldwide market. Neil founded Cisco in 1977.

Jordan Kay

Jordan is a University of California Berkeley graduate with and American Studies Degree in International Business/Globalization. Jordan overseas both our International and USA sales and also plays a key role in Business Development. Jordan insures that our client’s order requirements are understood and effectively communicated to our staff. In addition to his everyday duties, Jordan also heads Quality Control and Client Relations.

Ian Kay

Ian graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2012 with a degree in Studio Arts. Ian’s strengths include Graphic Design, Online Computer Arts, and Visual Communication. Ian oversees all artwork and graphics. Ian also heads marketing, advertising, branding, social media, design, and media content.

Cynthia Martinez


Cynthia supervises and coordinates the staff who arrange for customs clearance, shipping, and delivery. Cynthia ensures that all deliveries arrive safely and on time to their final destinations. Cynthia also plays a key role with accounting, freight forwarding, and client project management.

Daisy Cao

Daisy received her bachelor of arts degree from Jiangsu University. Her experiences and skills include exporting clothing and caps, merchandise sales, overseas communication, product development, order arrangement, fabric and accessories sourcing, sample making, quality control, and production tracking.

John Francis

John graduated from the University of Southern California in 2016 with a degree in Computer Science/Business Administration, Minor in Cinema. John works on the implementation and design of company websites.

Gabe Palacios


Irene Chu

Irene has been a huge asset to our company for over a decade. She is a dedicated and accomplished professional who offers seven years of international experience in marketing, sales and product development. Irene insures that all quality control inspections are completed prior to the shipment of any product.

Jeff Wong


Jeff designs and engineers 3D models (CAD services), digital prototypes, layouts, and performs final drafting tasks from minimal instructions or conceptual information. Jeff also provides a variety of engineering services to develop complex mechanical parts for consumer, commercial, medical products and in other industries.

Joseph Zou

Joseph graduated from Zhejiang University, China, majoring in Biomedical Instrumentation and Engineering. Joseph is experienced in metal, plastic products, electrical, motor and LED lighting products. Joseph oversees designing, prototyping, production, and engineering of products, followed by package design, and quality control.

Jeremy Valentine

Jeremy owns a website development and SEO agency. He is passionate about digital marketing and how it can enable business owners to achieve personal freedom. All it takes is the right team around you to be able to make great things happen.