We specialize in product development, importing, and fulfilling our clients' project specifications.


We provide solutions to those who are in need of an overseas manufacturer. We strive to help our clients find manufacturers at a cost effective price. With over 42 years of experience in developing various arrays of product and items, we continue to provide a lending hand in expertise and specialized knowledge with international trade.

Few of our services:

  • Sourcing
  • Product Development
  • 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design)
  • Manufacturing
  • Consulting
  • Tooling & Mold Making
  • Importing
  • Freight Forwarding


Cisco is your go to sourcing company in the USA. You’ll have a hard time finding another company with the relationships and knowledge that we are fortunate enough to have. We provide a standard NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to protect your intellectual property before quoting your needs. Before disclosing any information to our over seas factories, we require them to sign and put their factory chop on our NDA. We can quote different options with FOB shipping (free on board) or CIF (cost, insurance, and freight) to a destination of your choosing.


Our manufacturing capabilities covers a vast array of product categories. We specialize in creating and designing new products for our clients and their customer base. We work with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and inventors. Cisco provides prototypes and will work with our clients during the research and development phases. If you provide us with a handmade sample, great this will speed up the quoting process. If not, no worries, we can provide you with a prototype. Our engineers will provide 3D models/prototypes and figure out how to make it. We’ll let you know the differences in pricing for higher quality or lower cost. We also can lend assistance in bringing your product to market. 


Our minimum order quantity is usually 1,500-3,000 pieces. We collectively brainstorm with our clients, which allows us to formulate with their ideas, themes, proposals, budget, and establish a specified quote with or without delivery included. We are members of the Fair Labor Association and we take great pride in assuring our factories pay their employees fair wages, work fair hours, and are treated humanly. We are prop 68 compliant and have social compliance within our factories.


Cisco provides engineering, blue prints, 3D CAD, rapid prototyping and pre-production samples prior to mass production. We’ll guide you through every step of the development, approval, and production process. From reverse engineering, to proof of concept, we have decades of product engineering expertise to design your product and specifications accordingly. We provide full service OEM (original equipment manufacturing), tooling, fabrication, and quality mold making.


We've developed long term relationships with our factories from our extensive experience and exceptional customer service. Cisco works as your company’s Import Division to source and deliver the products you want, while insuring on time delivery with full customs clearance. Cisco provides product liability insurance that indemnifies our client's from product liability claims on the products we fulfill and supply on behalf of them.


As your freight forwarders we prepare documentation, contract shipping insurance, route cargo with the lowest customs charges, and insure delivery. We make sure your goods are delivered safely. Cisco oversees the entire shipment process. We take the dock and cartage fees, the forwarder’s fees, ocean freight costs, marine insurance, duty charges, and any consular invoice fees, packing charges, add them up, and give you an accurate landed and delivered quote. Our freight forwarding services will be included in the final cost of your project.